CrossFit Salem South, CrossFit West Salem – Home WOD

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Warm-up (No Measure)

20 each leg standing leg swings

20 scorpion each side

20 SKy reach

10 bird dog (each side)

1: Metcon (AMRAP – Rounds)

Grinder Wednesday! AMRAP 1 day

This one is unique… so we are not constrained by a class format anymore! Do as many rounds as you can during the whole day. If you only have 1/2 hour, thats fine… if you can come back for more do it! Record the total!

8 Seal Jacks (with 2 light DB or objects)

8 Sit Ups

8 Globo Burpees*

8 Thrusters (light object)
Rx+ add 2 Handstand Push Ups every round, Thrusters are 45/35#.

*Globo burpees skip the push up and the clap overhead, big jump.

Demo video