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30 sec hollow rock

30 sec bird dog each side

30 sec side plank each side

10 scap push-up


10 inch worm

10 push up

10 Bent over row (Barbell/ Dumbbell/Kettle Bell) if using a DB or KB do 10 on each side

10 Pike Hand stand Push-Up

30 sec jump rope or jump in place

1a: Metcon (Weight)

Barbell Strength: 8 rounds, 2:00 each round to complete:

– 8 Push Press (AHAP)

– 8 Barbell Rows (AHAP)
Use the same weight on the bar for all 16 reps. Score is weight used. Other options are 8 Bench Press + 8 DB/KB Rows if you have both.

Workout video:

2a: Metcon (Weight)

DB/KB Strength: 8 rounds, 2:00 each round:

– 12 Seated Dumbbell/KB Overhead Press (6 each arm)

– 8 DB/KB Rows

3a: Metcon (Time)

Conditioning: All Tracks (Barbell/DB/BW)

4 Rounds for time:

Run 400m (estimate about 2:00 of running)

10 Man-makers (tap shoulders instead of dumbbells)

15 Wall Ball Shots (any ball or Thrusters)

20 Mountain Climbers
Notes: If you cannot get outside for the running, then other options are 2:00 of jumping jacks or 2:00 of jump rope.

Cash Out


Max Push up in 1 min

Max Tuck Jumps in 1 min

when done spend 2 min on each side doing the couch stretch.