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1: Back Squat (20 reps AHAP in 15:00)

2: Metcon (AMRAP – Rounds and Reps)

AMRAP 15:00

Row 12 Calories

12 Lunges (with Slam Ball 70/50)

4 Shuttle Runs D&B (each length is 42′)
D&B = Down and Back = 2 lengths. Each length is 42′. Total D&B length is 84′. Do not run anything other than 4 down and back shuttle runs, which is 8 lengths of the running route, 4 in each direction, 42′ each way.

Do not run in circles (if it was allowed the function to calculate the radius from a circumference of 84′ is r=c/2*3.14, which to save you time is 13’5″). Once again it is not allowed.

4 runs each round. Each Down and Back (with a floor touch at each end). Running in place is not an option. Should it appear you might collide with another WOD participant kindly dodge to the right in a swift manner. If your run takes you out of the box you have gone to far, something is very wrong.