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1: Handstand Push-ups (20:00 skill session)


Push Ups

Pike Push Ups

Kick Ups on the wall

Handstand Holds

Slow negatives onto the Ab Mat

and/or HSPU with limited ROM (adding

1, 2,3 ab mats)

Kipping technique

For those that already have HSPU: 30-50 reps at the next level (deficit, etc)

2: Metcon (AMRAP – Rounds and Reps)

AMRAP 8:00

4 Bar Muscle Ups

8 Devils Press (2x 50/35 DB, no squat)

AMRAP 8:00

Bike 12 calories

16 Sit Ups

Rest 4:00 between
Beg: 25/15 DB, 10 ring rows or seated pull ups

Int: 35/25 DB, 8 pull ups

Adv: as written

Plus: 70/50 DB, 12 GHD sit ups

Devils Press