Crossfit certifications/Education?
I’m Level 1 CrossFit certified.

Background?I love movement in all its forms. I played baseball, football and tennis in high school and for University of Oregon. I have a major in Anthropology and Fine Arts from U of O. LOL…. I know!

Why crossfit?I got started with CF around 3 years ago after too many days of back and bicept, chest and tricept days….I wanted to move like an athlete and compete with myself and others. I have two older brothers and I have lived my whole life competing. CrossFit West Salem has given me back a sense of family and the competitive environment that I love.

Favorite Movements:  Squat Snatch and favorite my work out is “Nancy”.

Why CrossFit West Salem?My favorite thing about CFWS is the community. We’re all here to support each other and push each other in an environment that is open and non-judgmental. I love seeing individuals progress within their movements and overall capacity.

Fun Facts: After college I gained a lot of weight and I had a hard time finding my place in fitness. Once I committed to losing it, I was able to get some the weight off, but I was still not happy with where I was. Thanks to CFWS, now I’m doing stuff I would never have thought that I could do.