CrossFit certifications/ education 

  • CFL1 – September of 2019 
  • Masters in Health Education

Background (fitness, health, teaching, etc) 

  • High school athlete – I was small but slow
    • Football, Wrestling and Weight Lifting (competed)
  • USMC Reserve – Served in Desert Shield/Storm
    • Perfect 300 score on fitness test (17:50 three mile run time)
  • Have worked out my entire adult life
  • Taught PE
    • Elementary
    • HS Weights
    • Summer weights/conditioning for football
    • High school PE – incorporated CrossFit concepts into my PE class last year
  • Have been doing CrossFit consistently 4 times a week for over 5 years (Oct. 1st 2014)
  • 20+ years of coaching high school or youth athletics
    • Football
    • Wrestling
    • Basketball/Volleyball/Softball
    • MURPH at West

Why do I CrossFit 

  • Have always worked out – classes, lifting, P90X, what ever was in vogue
  • Tried CrossFit – I’m in the best shape of my life since USMC Bootcamp
    • Hooked
    • Love the gains and community
    • CF has the ability to change lives

Why I choose or love CrossFit West Salem 

  • Wife started – liked it – I followed
  • I live in West Salem – love the community – local Box
  • CrossFit West Salem is a big part of my families life:
    • Wife and I workout
    • Twin daughters Abbey and Jaden – Teen CrossFit
    • Abbey and Jaden do child care
    • Abbey cleans
    • We always help with events and want to be involved
  • CWS is were we want to spend are time – good clean living

Favorite movement or workout 

  • Favorite movement is handstand push-ups
  • Favorite workout is MURPH
    • I like body weight – plus a vest ? movements
    • I like running 
    • I can beat you if the workout is LONG with no rest!
    • I like that we celebrate the military and those that have given the ultimate sacrifice 

Other/fun fact about me 

  • My wife dead lifts more then me
  • I want to MURPH my age when I’m 70 years old
    • I’m on track – 51 and have a 47+ min MURPH