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1: Squat Warm Up (No Measure)

Row 500m

2 rounds:

20 Leg Swings

Lunge down (with twist)

Butt-kickers back

10 Goblet squats w/hold

High Kicks down

Spiderman crawl back

2: Deadlift (Build up to 90%, then 1-1-1 @ 90%)

3: Metcon (AMRAP – Rounds and Reps)

Complete for time (20:00 limit)

20 Cal Row

20 Box step Overs (w 1x DB 50/35)(24/20″)

19 Cal Row

19 Box step Overs


down to 1
If all rowers are taken either use a bike/erg. Partner WOD option, double the reps. Box step overs have 1 dumbbell, touch the ground with the dumbbell on each side of the box.

Basics: Start at 16

Int: Start at 18

Adv: as written